How to Brew Coffee in Costa Rica - The Sock Method

costa ricanischer kaffee mit socke Here you see images of the traditional way of brewing coffee in Costa Rica. Take a simple coffee sock filter, which reminds of a sock and is suspended wire frame. Fill the sock with ground coffee and add boiling water. Your coffee is ready!
The system works pretty much like plain drip filter coffee, but is more convenient if you just need one quick cup of coffee.

The filters and frames can be bought in most Costa Rican supermarkets or souvenir shops. In case you are not currently in Costa Rica, we suggest you travel to Costa Rica. Otherwise, you might want to try using a plain cotton sock. Take an unused one if you prefer your coffee without a slight note of cheese in it...

In Costa Rica, this type of coffee is colloquialy known as "agua de medias" (sock water).

costa ricanischer kaffee mit socke  1 costa ricanischer kaffee mit socke 2
costa ricanischer kaffee mit socke 3
Images taken at the Hotel Fleur de Lys
 costa ricanischer kaffee mit socke 4


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Contact us if you are interested in a coffee tour in Costa Rica to learn more about coffee production.

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