Accessible Travel in Costa Rica: Advice for Disabled Travellers

accessibility iconPhysical disabilities must not keep you from travelling in Costa Rica! Although it is more complicated to get around with disabilities in Costa Rica than in the USA or Europe, it is nevertheless possible to visit most of the country. Some hotels and resorts in the highlands as well as at the beach offer good accessibility and sometimes even access to swimming pools. As we regularly visit the structures we offer, ask us for further information about accessible accommodation in Costa Rica.


The roads – particularly the sidewalks – are often in bad condition and with potholes. But we can organise appropriate transportation for you if you need accessible vehicles: Minivans can be rented with provisions or ramps for wheelchairs. At the time of writing it is difficult to get barrier-free cars to drive by yourself, but contact us if you desire one, and we try to find the best solution for you.


Independent travel might be difficult for travellers with disabilities, but we gladly assist you in facilitating the planning of your vacation. We cooperate with car rental agencies and some hotels that offer barrier-free products, as well as activities that are suitable for people with special needs. Things might not always go as smooth in Costa Rica, but thanks to the Costa Ricans' friendly hands-on approach, most of your needs can be taken care of.


Getting Around with Disabilities

It will be difficult to visit most National Parks in a wheel-chair, as remote jungle paths are difficult to access . But it is possible to access the Volcano Poás and (with restrictions) the Volcano Irazú with wheelchair.

Wheelchair travel in the capital San José can be tricky. But if you prepare yourself and plan the area you move in within the city ahead, it is also possible to have a pleasant stay. Further, there is a special taxi fleet with wheelchair-accessible vans.

As the rest of the country´s infrastructure is extremely varied, feel free to ask us for specific advice on accessibility in Costa Rica.


According to the Law for Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons, new structures that are built in Costa Rica have to be accessible (barrier-free) for disabled people. Unfortunately to this day, almost no buses offer facilities for wheelchairs (the available ones are mostly in the San José urban area).


If you are a traveller with Special Needs, we can assist you in finding appropriate routes and accomodation. Whether you have vision or hearing impairments, or are a wheelchair user, this shouldn't keep you from discovering this beautiful country in the heart of Central America. In order to help you, please point out your special needs to us in your individual itinerary request and we will propose the desired arrangements to you.

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