Costa Rica’s Best Dive Spots

get Diving Information ask for our ratesAlthough visibility is less convenient in the Pacific than in the Atlantic Ocean, there are some fascinating diving possibilities (there are no diving operators on the Atlantic). You can observe manta rays, sharks, whales, sea perches of all kinds as well as countless reef fishes. The best spot is by far Isla del Caño.

Caribbean Coast | South Pacific and Peninsula de Osa | Central Pacific | Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste


Diving on the Caribbean Coast

Dive Spots:

Snorkeling is allowed in Cahuita National Park and recommendable at Manzanillo, where you find relatively calm reefs. There are no diving operators on the Caribbean coast.


dolphinDiving in the South Pacific and Peninsula de Osa

Dive Spots:

The best spot for diving in this area is without a doubt Bahia Drake from where you can access the Isla del Caño. The water around this island reserve is amazingly rich with plankton. The abundance of fish is incredible and on the way to Isla del Caño you often encounter dolphins, whales and sea turtles!


Diving in the Central Pacific


Dive Spots:

There are no noteworthy dive spots in this region. Some diving operators can be found in Manuel Antonio, but the diving is mediocre.


Diving on the Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste

Dive Spots:

We cooperate with Bill Beard’s Diving, a professional and experienced operator. Playa Hermosa is the starting point for snorkeling or diving around the island Santa Catalina. The island is not accessible. You can dive/snorkel around its rocky surroundings to observe manta rays, whitetip reef sharks and various reef fishes, such as parrotfish, clownfish, etc. On the 1.5 hour trip to the island you have the chance of seeing whales (sometimes orcas!) and dolphins. There are also other dive spots off Tamarindo.


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