Horseback Riding

ask for our ratesWhether you are an experienced rider or you’ve never been on a horse before: horseback riding in Costa Rica is an amazing experience. The local breed are creole horses (criollo). These are of smaller size than European horse and of extremely amicable temper. Therefore, they are probably the best choice for any beginner. But creole horses are also very sturdy, as they are used to the hot and humid climate. You will be amazed how amiably they are on long tours. Discover tropical rainforests, national parks, or enjoy a gallop on the beach! For fanatical riders we can even arrange coast-to-coast horseback expeditions.

Many of our staff members are passionate riders: contact us, tell us how or where you want to ride and we will propose the best option.


Tour 1: Horseback Tour to the Nauyaca Waterfall

Meeting for the horseback ride at 8a.m. (not offered on Sundays). The tour leads over the road from San Isidro de El General to Dominical for about 12 km. You can deposit your car and luggage in the tour operator’s office. Bring your swimming suit along. Departure with an experienced guide for a wonderful ride to one of the country’s most beautiful waterfalls: Nauyaca. Snack break in a straw hut surrounded by various birds. Continuation through diverse landscapes, crossing a suspension bridge to take a bath in a natural emerald pool amid a lush vegetation with tiny frogs in extraordinary colours. Costa Rican style lunch in the straw hut. End of tour.


This excursion can also be done starting from Dominical or Uvita

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Tour 2: Horseback Tour to the Cabecare Natives

Moravia de Chirripo

Included dinner and accommodation at the Eco-Lodge Hacienda Moravia (charming, rustic)

Breakfast (incl.) at the lodge. Morning horseback ride to visit the Cabecare natives (ca. 4 h). After getting to know your horse you start to a unique experience: an encounter with a Cabecare family. Accompanied by a guide you ride over the hacienda’s meadows and through primary rainforest trails to the foothills of Cerro Chirripo. Arrival at the Cabecare family. Your guide will explicate their self-sufficient way of living and their culture, which is almost completely detached from other societies. Return to the hacienda on the same path.

Important Advice: This visit is only possible if certain requirements are held. Don’t take any pictures without permission (normally your Cabecare speaking guide will arrange a photo session at the end). Do not hand out money (you will have the opportunity to thank for the visit by buying a hand-woven bag from the women). Do not enter their habitations, unless the chieftain invites you. Don’t forget to thank the chief for the visit.


Cabecare Woman with Child
Cabecare Family



Hacienda Moravia is a wonderful place to ride: hundred horses and hundreds of cows live on the area. The property spreads over 1’250 hectares, of which half is forest. The area of Grano de Oro – where Moravia is situated – is extremely remote, between the mountain range of Chirripo and the Caribbean. There are countless riding possibilities. Some trails lead through jungle and primary forest. Also, there are extensive trails, where the cattle grazes. The managers of Moravia are happy to plan the ride you would like to do. It’s also possible to assist the cowboys driving the cattle (for experienced riders).


The Moravia excursions can also be done starting from the environs of Turrialba or Orosi

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Further Horseback Riding Tours

There are several opportunities to ride in Costa Rica. If you are interested, ask us for more information. We will gladly make you more propositions (and some of our staff are experienced riders! . There are also possibilities for extended tours, for example the crossing of Costa Rica from coast to coast (for experienced riders: visit Andrés website to read about his horse-trekking experiences)!

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