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Airplane and Helicopter Flights

Departure and landing at TOBIAS BOLAÑOS International Airport in Pavas. We can arrange domestic flights in a 5-seat CESSNA 206, in larger planes for 7-12 passengers, or in a BELL 407 helicopter. This is certainly one of the best ways to explore the topography and geography of the country and its many volcanoes. The Costa Rican pilots are experienced and trained according to American standards and the machines are properly maintained.

Hot-Air Balloon Flight

The balloon departs from Muelle in Turrialba with good weather conditions only. The company flies hot-air balloons in Costa Rica since 1991 and has according experience. The company works with high security standards, which are approved by the American Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Institute of Costa Rica. The equipment is well maintained, the pilots are experienced and the company is adequately insured.

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8 to 12 passengers + 1 pilot.
1 turbo propeller with 600 horsepower.
Cruising speed: 180 kt (340 km/h). Maximum loading (passengers and cargo): 996 kg/2200 lbs.
Our Opinion: A convenient plane for quick flight from one end of the country to another. The machine is adapted for landings on rough terrain. Good price performance ratio.



5 passengers + 1 pilot.
1 turbo propeller with 300 horsepower. Cruising speed: 142 kt (232 km/h). Maximum loading (passengers and cargo): 386 kg / 850 lbs.
Our Opinion: Suitable for low-altitude and photography flights. Very good visibility due to the wings being over the windows. If weather conditions are good the doors can be removed for better views.




7 passengers + 1 pilot.
2 turbo propellers. Cruising speed: 215 kt (398 km/h). Maximum loading (passengers and cargo): 907 kg / 2000 lbs
Our Opinion: A good choice for quick transfer flights with a lot of luggage.



5 passengers + 1 pilot.
2 turbo propellers with 360 horsepower. Cruising speed: 174 kt (323 km/h). Maximum loading (passengers and cargo): 431 kg / 950 lbs.
Our Opinion: A good choice for quick overflights on a small scale.



BELL 407
6 passengers + 1 pilot.
1 Rolls-Royce motor with 650 horsepower. Cruising speed: 136 kt (250 km/h). Maximum loading (passengers and cargo): 454 kg / 1000 lbs.
Our Opinion: This helicopter is well suited for low-altitude photography flights as it offers excellent visibility.



Hot-Air Balloon with a wicker basket for 5 passengers and a pilot. The flying materials are verified by the US-American „Federal Aviation Administration“ (FAA) and the Costa Rican Civil Aviation Institute. Flights take off from the regions of Arenal or Turrialba.
Our Opinion: Seeing the varied Costa Rican landscapes from above makes a fantastic experience you will not forget. Note that flying weather is best in the early morning.


Individual transfers to and from Pavas Airport are included

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Some Ideas for Airplane and Helicopter Tours

(The descriptions below are based on the CESSNA 206 model)


A tour of the most beautiful volcanoes and the Central Valley

Flight Time: 1h 15 min


Overflight of Poas volcano with its huge active crater (fumarole activities) and the navy blue lagoon. Continuation over the extinct volcano Barva, covered by dense vegetation, and the active Irazu (the highest volcano of Costa Rica with 3432 m) and its famous emerald green sulphurous lagoon. Finally, you will fly over the slightly active Turrialba volcano whose cone towers above the spectacular valleys of Orosi and Turrialba. Return to Pavas. An exceptional volcanic discovery tour!


Tortuguero National Park

Duration: 5h (of which 2 x 50 min Flight Time)

A good option to save time reaching Tortuguero and simultaneously witnessing the brisk shift of vegetation from the Central Valley to the Caribbean.
Flight over the cloud forests and high peaks of Braulio Carillo National Park and its many streams and waterfalls. After reaching the Caribbean plain you will fly over vast banana plantations and mangrove forests until landing on Tortuguero airstrip. After breakfast at a lodge (e.g. Flor de Tortuguero) there will be a guided boat tour through the jungle canals, where you will find an abundance of plants and wildlife. You can easily spot one of the numerous species of monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, sloths, toucans, parrots and sea birds… Subsequent return to Pavas.


Poas and Arenal, the Fire Mountains

Flight Time: 1h 15 min

Flight over Poas volcano and the lush San Carlos Valley where the majestic silhouette of Arenal volcano (1600 m) appears in the distance. Arenal with its perfect cone shape towers above the surrounding cloud forests. Since its explosive awakening on 29 July 1968 it regularly discharges lava streams. It is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and has been closely studied by volcanologists for over 25 years. Lake Arenal forms one of the country’s biggest fresh water reserves and is surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery. A breathtaking excursion! Subsequent return to Pavas.


Fly over Jurassic Park
Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Osa Peninsula

Flight Time: 3h

Departure towards Manuel Antonio National Park over the mountains of the Central Valley. Continuation along the southern Pacific Coast over the beaches of Savegre, Matapalo, Dominical, Punta Uvita and Bahia Ballena… then over the turquoise waters of the Golfo Dulce and Puerto Jimenez to the luscious vegetation of the Osa Peninsula with the huge Corcovado National Park. Return over San Isidro del General and the Cerro de la Muerte (on an altitude of 3500m) towards San José and landing at Pavas Airport.

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Note: The denoted flight time is approximate. If you would like to fly over other places this can be easily arranged – the flight time will prolong accordingly. In this case you would pay the additional costs directly to the flight agency (the charges will be calculated according to the airplanes’ odometer).


Further Offers: Single or Round Trip Flights to Bocas del Toro (Panama), Granada (Nicaragua), San Andres (Colombia)…

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Departure from Turrialba or environs: Flight time: 45-90 min


Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting between 5-6 am to benefit from optimal atmospheric conditions in the early morning. The balloon ride will take between 45-90 minutes and can only take place with good weather. The flight will lead through the nice mountainous area around the southern Central Valley. You will fly over, or close to, the volcanoes Irazu, Turrialba and Cerro Chirripó (3820 m) – the highest point of Costa Rica. Expect an eventful morning with magnificent sights in thin air!

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